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“Come To Me”, original song by Lizz Boyd.

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As a child my favorite genre of music was worship music, and that continues to be true today. Though I enjoy many genres I have always had a pull towards worship. At the age of 11 I started as part of the worship team in my youth group and by age 18 I was leading worship every week as an intern for my church. I fell in love with leading worship and the incredible opportunity it is to lead people into the Presence of the Jesus, whether that be for an audience of 1 or many.

In 2014 I began my first year of ministry school at Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry (BSSM) in Redding, California and in my second year I had the incredible honor of serving on our school worship team under the leading of Kristene DiMarco. As a student I was given the opportunity to lead worship not only at Bethel, but in England and Israel as well.

Since graduating from Bethel in 2017, I have moved to Bonn, Germany where I serve on the worship team at my local church.

I’ve lived in Phoenix, San Diego, Seattle, Las Vegas and now Bonn, Germany. I’ve lead worship in Phoenix, San Diego, Seattle, Redding (Bethel), around England, Germany and Israel.


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