About Shaun



AVAILABLE FOR:     Worship Leader, worship musician, Session musician, Solo Musician, Consultant, Event Coordinator

I have played and written music since I was 16. After coming to know Christ at 21 I have made the decision to use my giftings for His glory. I have now been a worship leader for 6 years. I began leading worship at a Mars Hill Church and continued there until the church disassembled. This was a difficult time for many and it gave me the opportunity to lead people through a season of doubt, disappointment and hurt. For the past two years I have lead a number of bands in different genres at Sound City Bible Church in Lynnwood, WA. There I serve as one of 5 band leaders. We are blessed to have a diverse group of musicians there, most of which have been or are currently, professional musicians. It is truly a joy to serve, sing, write and worship with this team. Stylistically, I pride myself on being an adaptable musician. I currently enjoy creating new arrangements around classic hymns in the style of bands like Fleet Foxes. I find it important to respect the heart of the song and use instrumentation to drive the style. My background as a singer/songwriter helps me successfully re-organize arrangements to keep the congregation engaged. My relationship with Christ has sustained me through much. I grew up in a broken household with parents that were drug-addicted and abusive towards one another. Jesus saved my father in a jail cell and my mother came to Christ years later. The Lord has been good to my family and now we have reconciled our relationship. My goal is to use my talents and giftings in music to point others to Christ in an authentic way.