About Stormwalker






Basic Version: (Specific brands are available but get quite detailed)

PA: Based on the need between 4 and 12 Microphones (4) Speaker Cabinets 2 Monitor cabinets Many Cables
4 Guitars (one Acoustic 3 Electric) and guitar stands
2 -3 Amplifiers using 2 to 4 speaker cabinets (Bass and Both Acoustic and Electric Guitar)
5 PC Drum set with about 5 Cymbals not counting Hi-Hat
Laptop with Digital PA Connection
Wedge Monitor And In Ear Wired Monitors.
Lighting is AD

J Tri-Par DotZ System.

All the World’s A Stage
Crank it Up
Farewell letter (To my Addiction)
My Heart in You
Shadow of your Wings
Walk’s on Water
Agape love/Let the winds Blow (Medley)
Brothers Burden
Come as You Are
Throne of Grace
Jesus on the Mainline
Big God
Love conquers All
A few Worship Tunes available

(Even More)



The members of Stormwalker have each been involved in various aspects of music in the past. However, the desire to do something more with music, something that would glorify God and have a positive impact in people’s lives, began to stir within each of them individually. After much prayer and seeking God for guidance, one by one God began to bring their paths together to form what is now the band Stormwalker.

Music has the power to move us and speak to us as in a way that words alone can’t. Stormwalker loves to harness that power by bringing a hard driving Classic Rock style of music with a subtle blues edge, and lyrical content that lifts up Jesus Christ, the Ultimate Stormwalker. He’s the One who is a constant presence in every storm or challenge we face in life, and He has power and authority to walk on the waters of turbulence and unrest, speak to the storm saying, “Peace, be still” (Mark 4:39), and bring calmness and hope to all who look to Him by faith.

Each member of Stormwalker is a worshiper at heart and has been involved in worship ministry for years, so in addition to their regular concerts Stormwalker loves any opportunity to lead worship at various churches or venues where worship music is desired, albeit worship with a rock edge.