Brian Hoffpauer is a singer/songwriter/guitarist from Spokane, WA. Growing up the son of a pastor, Brian began playing guitar in his father’s church in northwest NJ, early on in his music career. The love for the stage and performing hooked in but really got traction in the early 90’s when Brian began performing acoustically nationwide. Not on an organized tour, but on a self-directed phone call networking, Brian played non=stop from 1991 – 1998. From 1999 to 2001, Brian played a few solo acoustic concerts in the Northern NJ and Philadelphia areas. Having played in both bars and churches gives Brian a passion that is uncommon for a solo acoustic artist of any genre. Former front man for the band Brian Hoffpauer & In Good Faith in the mid 90’s, Brian and band opened for many CCM artists in the NJ/NY/PA area. After a hiatus of 12.5 years, Brian reemerged on the local music scene in Bellingham, WA in 2015. Brian just released his first single in almost 20 years. “Awakened” became the song that his wife came down the aisle to in their recent wedding and has become his most requested song. “A love song that will (and has) quiet a noisy bar.” Brian’s ambitions are to minister the gospel in venues that may not normally get it, but also to bring a passion and fire that is rarely seen in the Christian music scene. Giving all credit to his Heavenly Father, Brian loves to minister to anyone who will listen. Empty bars to filled churches, filled bars to empty churches. Brian has played them all. A consummate professional without the ego. Whether your event is large or small, a worship service or a full blown concert event, you will love his music and his heart for the Lord.


GEAR LIST:  Takamine, Martin, Harmonica

TESTIMONIALS:   “His guitar and voice fill up a room”, “If you love Springsteen or any kind of classic rock, or a rocker with a booming voice, then you’ll love his stuff. Great originals, too.”