Q.  What kind of events do your artists like to perform?

Our artists and worship teams love to perform at Christian events, whether it be fairs, festivals, worship services, fundraisers, private events, holiday events or even sports events.  We have a good variety of artists for all occasions. 

Q.  How do I request a particular artist?

First, go to the Artist page, click on the photo of the artist or band you are interested in, check their schedule of available times, then fill in the inquiry boxes provided on that page.  If you don’t find the artist you are looking for, contact us, and we will contact the artist for you, and find out what their available days and times are.

Q.  How far in advance should I secure an artist?

If possible, try to schedule with your favorite artist at least 3-6 months in advance.  That way, you will be more likely to have the artist you want for your event.  If you do not see a calendar date for your artist, contact us, and we will contact the artist for you, and see if the date you want is clear.

Q.  May I make a last-minute request?

Certainly!  If your favorite artist is available, we will be happy to schedule them for you. This gives you less time to prepare for promotions, etc., but you may have a private event where you don’t need to advertise.  Also, churches sometimes need someone to fill in for them, and we will be happy to connect you with someone who may be able to help you on short notice.  Please bear in mind also that last-minute requests leave less space for special song selections, and an artist may want to use their standard repertoire.

Q.  How much will it cost?

Each artist has their own fee, and their own way of sharing in the offering or ticketing for the event.  When we contact you with a quote, you will need to take a few things into consideration.  If you “do the math” ahead of time, you will soon realize that their are costs associated with performing, especially artists who are on tour.  All of these costs are taken into account before the artist sets their fee. It is something like ‘overhead’.  They need to pay their expenses, and pay the people who support them, especially the people who are busy working on the day of your event.  If you are surprised when you get a quote, remember that artists train relentlessly for years before getting on the stage, and work hard every minute they are performing, even though they make it look easy.  Artists make a living for their families by performing, and deserve to be paid well for giving us so much pleasure and inspiration.


Q.  Do I need to put down a deposit?

There are normally no deposit fees, unless the artist will be travelling out-of-state. Event dates with extensive travel arrangements will require a deposit to cover airfare, hotel, and other travel expenses.  For in-state requests, we normally do not require a deposit, and only require a simple agreement that you will need to sign prior to your event.  You will find us easy to deal with, and we will not make unreasonble demands.  

Q.  Who handles the ticketing for our event?

You are free to use your own promotional talents and ticket service for your event.  If you have not used a ticketing service, contact us, and we will supply you with a few names of companies we have used before.

Q.  We would like to use our own sound system and sound team.  How do we work that out with the artist?

All events are unique.  Occasionally, artsts, especially full bands, like to have a hand in setting up their own gear and sometimes like to do their own sound checks.  Others would rather just “step up to the mic” the minute the event starts.  With the first case mentioned, the days and hours leading up to the concert are an opportunity for artists and venue sound crews to get to know each other.  This has led to some amazing relationships that last, and opportunities for both the artists and the sound techs.  We suggest that you start praying about a smooth process, well in advance of your event.  This will be vitally important to the key people in your event, so they may be relaxed and ready for a great event!

Q. Why should I hire an artist from Sound Praise, and not a secular talent agent?

You can be assured that all of our artists consider their mission before they perform.  Many of our artists have other ministries, and serve Jesus in many capacities.  Our roster of artists is relatively small compared to some larger agencies that serve the world at large.  We hand-pick our artists for their testimony as well as their talent. We can assure you that everyone who works alongside Sound Praise is as concerned and inspired about your event as you are.  We are a living mission statement, praying daily that God will bless the events that partner with us are Christ-centered, and will bring glory to Him.  We pray protection and joy over each of our contracted events, and artists who serve Jesus in such an amazing way.

For any further questions, please feel free to contact us.  You can be assured that our staff will do our best to see that you secure an artist that will make your event memorable.  And we give you our promise to pray over your event, and the people involved, that God will be glorified in the music and the message.