Highway Home Band Bluegrass/Gospel Band
Highway Home Bluegrass/Gospel Band hails from the beautiful Northern Willamette Valley in Oregon. We’re first and foremost a Christian band specializing in Bluegrass Gospel tunes, but certainly are up for playing some good old straight-up bluegrass songs. We bring an energetic and exciting presentation of familiar gospel tunes and hymns along with a mix of “standard” bluegrass songs with a positive message. All the members of the band are on their respective church worship teams and have many years of experience playing worship and gospel songs. Several of the members play multiple instruments so our concerts can become a fun mix of different instrumental styles. Blend in some humor and dialogue and Highway Home can handle just about any type of concert: From full church worship services to old-time pie socials to festival concerts. Our goal is to provide a good old toe-tappin’ time of playing and singing many of the hymns and songs familiar and dear to so many and leave our audiences wanting more.

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Ric Siewert Mandolin, Guitar, Lead and Harmony Vocals. Ric’s formative years started out by having to learn the ubiquitous piano. He hated it then, but is sure glad now his parents made him learn. He grew up playing woodwinds and drums in school orchestras. As adolescence crept up, along came electric guitars, rock and roll and garage bands. Somewhere in that mush he stumbled upon the 60’s folk genre, traded in his electric for acoustic, and was swept up. He quickly gravitated to the “Spiritual Music” part of the folk era and found a comfort in the words and messages. In the ensuing years, he discovered the beauty of the mandolin and, being a woodworker, decided to build his own. It naturally followed that he became involved in bluegrass music and in particular, gospel bluegrass. He’s been a worship leader in his church since being born again in 1992 and regularly plays bass and mandolin on the worship team. Ric was a founding member of the Oregon Bluegrass Association and has worked with them ever since. He says “I feel immensely blessed that the Lord has brought me to this place in my life and musical career. Now it’s my desire to give some of it back as best I can”.