Hello! My name is Mariah Morton. I am a percussionist that loves Jesus! The Lord called me into the music realm (specifically percussion) about 5 years ago and ever since then I have been expanding my skills and experience. I have played in many settings including worship bands, a symphony band, a percussion ensemble, and various rock/pop bands. My main instrument is the drum set but I can also play other various percussion instruments like the marimba, concert snare, and auxillary percussion.(read full bio)



I created the cajon parts:


– Music stand
– My Drum Chart Book
– 2 pairs of drum sticks
– Headphones (if there is a click/ in-ears monitor)
– Hi-hat (top and bottom cymbals)
– Hi-hat stand
– Snare stand
– Snare drum
– Kick drum
– Kick drum pedal
– Tom mount
– Small and medium toms
– Floor tom (with legs)
– 2 crash cymbals
– 1 ride cymbal
– 3 cymbal stands
– Drum stool
– Moon gels (if needed)
– Kick drum microphone w/ stand (if needed)
– Snare drum microphone w/ mount (if needed)
– Cymbal and tom microphone w/ stand (if needed)