SMALL TO MIDSIZE CHURCHES (up to 2,000 in attendance)

Worship Musician    $115. – $200. – $250. (See breakdown, below)*

Worship Leader         $175. – $250 – $350.

Worship Team            $288. – $375 – $550.


MIDSIZE TO MEGA-CHURCHES  (more than 2000 in attendance)

Worship Musician      $140.  – $230 – $275 (See breakdown, below)*

Worship Leader          $250. – $330 – $500

Worship Team             $750. – $975 – $1200

Please add 15% booking fee to the above rates.


Please Read Carefully:

  1. *The three separate pricings are as follows:
    1. Low end pricing:   Standard worship musician, up to 5 years experience;
    2. Mid level pricing:  Advanced worship musician,  guaranteed to need only one rehearsal;
    3. High end pricing:  Artistic/Session quality musician, can step in and perform in a professional manner without rehearsal.
  2. All pricing Includes one (1) rehearsal;  and one (1) service.  Please add 50% more for additional services or rehearsals.
  3. The rates include travel within 25 miles of Seattle or major city.


Beyond 25 miles, we ask that the church provide gas mileage for the extra mileage beyond 25 miles. (Major cities in WA or OR are comparable to Tacoma, Olympia, Tricities, Spokane, Portland, Salem, etc.)

  1. 2019 Gas mileage is $.58/ per mile
  2. No tax is required for our service.
  3. It would be nice if you would provide a courtesy meal for the musician after the service, preferably in fellowship with a family or members from the church; this gesture would be much appreciated.  Thanks!


If you are pleased with our service, we would love it if you would refer us to your friends at other churches.

Our Artists set their own individual rates for Fairs, Festivals and Private Events. If you are interested in requesting musicians for an event, please enter the information on our BOOKING FORM



If you decide you would like to hire one of our worship leaders or musicians, our modest fee is based on the honor system. Thank you for your honesty and kindness.  If you have any questions about calculating this amount, or if you have a hardship,  please call us at:  (425) 283-8930, and we will be glad to work with you.