Tom Taylor’s home in the extreme northwest part of Washington State lies within the rain shadow of the Olympic Mountains, a sunny anomaly in the otherwise rainy Pacific Northwest. So it’s fitting that Taylor’s music carries a brightness and clarity that radiate from his solid, authentic presence and rock-steady Christian faith. Tom’s straightforward motivation is to touch people’s lives with his music, to glorify God and make a difference for His kingdom. His Christian- influenced songs each present a meaningful piece in his journey, and he’s a gifted wordsmith who creates songs that connect and inspire.

The artistic leg of his journey began over a decade ago. When Taylor was in his mid-20s, he had grown tired of making ends meet by delivering pizzas. On the brink of the impending birth of his firstborn son Liam, he and his wife Becky were ready for another life-changing event, and with the strength of his convictions boosting him, Taylor took a literal leap of faith. After joining a Christian rock band that had answered his bulletin-board notice for a bassist, he began writing his own songs. That leap continues to carry him forward into an established career as a solo artist who’s recorded nine independent records since 2008. Liam is now a teen who sings and plays the bass guitar—and often performs with his dad. The family has also welcomed their second son, Raleigh.

Taylor’s music is a testament to his faith—across piano, guitar and devoted lyrics— with a vast songbook that visits both the ordinary and extraordinary points along the path down which he’s been led. And his songs bring listeners of every faith a haven of hope and light from within life’s shadows.